Roles and Responsibilities of Nurses in Hospitals
24 Apr

Roles and Responsibilities of Nurses in Hospitals

Assuring good services is an ethical obligation of every healthcare provider globally.  As such over the years there has been an effort to improve the quality of healthcare services.  In view of this, the responsibilities of a nurse in Quality Improvement include:

•      Provision of therapeutic Ward which is physically, socially and psychologically conducive for the patients.

•     Staffing:  The nurse should ensure that the hospital/ward/unit is adequately covered with nursing staff of relevant cadre and specialty.

•       Good interpersonal communication with patients.

•      Delivering quality nursing care to patients as at when due.

•      Delegation of Responsibility:  The nurse leaders should delegate responsibility to subordinates by considering their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

•      Leadership style:  The nurse leaders should adapt different leadership style in order to get optimal performance and high productivity from subordinates.

•      Discipline/Control:  The nurse is expected at all times to have a good control of staff and the activities in the unit/ward/hospital. Etc.

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