ITEM AMOUNT US $ 1= 2500/=)
Section A
Registration fee 10,000/= 4
Examination fee 15,000/= 6
Computer fees 50,000/= 20
N:B . Payments for each academic year
Identity card 15,000/= 6
Name tag 10,000/= 4
Two pairs of uniform 120,000/= 48
School sweater 35,000/= 14
Clinical practice record book 10,000/= 4
N:B. Payments to be made once for the whole course
Tuition fees 1,400,000/= 560
Transport 65,000/= 26
N.B: Payments to be made every semester    
TOTAL 1,730,000/= 692
Other additional requirements like reams of paper, gloves, toilet paper etc may be needed but they vary from intake to intake.

You will also be required to come with personal belongings for your own personal use.

N.B All the money is paid in the following banks on the following accounts.

  1. Housing Finance Bank- A/C No (using school pay in slips)
  2. United Bank for Africa (UBA)- A/C (using school pay in slips)

The school also allows installment payments for only national students in the following fractions

  1. 300,000/= ($ 120)upon admission as commitment fee usually two months before the start of the semester (N.B: This is part of the school fees)
  2. 1.000.000/= ($ 400) on/ before the reporting date.
  • The balance (430000/=/ $ 172) is paid three months after the reporting date.