FINS is a private Nurses and Midwifery Training School situated in Fort portal Municipality in western Uganda with the mission to train, and produce qualified and highly skilled self motivated health workers through theoretical and practical training that will serve the international demand for human resource for health and with a heart to love and care for all classes of patients.


To excel in training and producing competent health workers the meet and service the demand for human resources for health globally.


To be a model Nurses and Midwifery training school that trains and produces competent health workers in Africa by 2025


As an international institution, discipline, integrity, transparency, professionalism, Time management and compassion are values that we cherish.


  • To ensure that students get quality training and practical skills.
  • To provide conducive working and studying environment for the staff and students respectively.
  • To collaborate with local and international development patterns who embrace our vision and mission
  • To integrate ICT in the learning and management of the school for the attainment of our goal.